How Articles Bring Visitors To Your Website

He has built a website and is very proud of being ranked among the ranks. Now you expect people to visit. Would it surprise you if I told you that you would get very few guests? Do you remember the movie Field of Dreams, 1989? Kevin Costner plays an Iowa farmer who dreams of becoming a baseball player, something his father wanted for his life. In the movie you hear voices from past actors. What he hears becomes the aphorism that is still used today, if you build it he (they) will come. Which means that if he built a football stadium his father, swordless Joe and other baseball players from Chicago would come and get his chance. However, this is not the case with website design. Unfortunately you know that someone knows you exist and you will not hear any voices telling you where to go from here. Eventually search engines will pick it up and you will find a few visitors who will come in but how to find thousands to come in question. Construction is just the beginning. Have your fun and now it’s time for you to get down to some fun. It’s called Web Promotion.

One of the secrets of tons of traffic to your website is to create one-way back links. Essay writing is the way to get these background links. Proof is in the article you are currently reading that it works. Any questions? Yes it is time to get out of paper & pen as you do in school. People wants information. They want to learn something new. They want to know that they have some inside information that no one else has. This is a time for detail, will you give them what they want? If you have read website development you may have heard that the content is king and if you have not already done so it is probably good because it is becoming increasingly obsolete replacing the unique king content. There are several things you can do to get started. You can purchase confidential label content, (previously published articles) in my opinion because it is not used anywhere else. You can purchase article software that puts a few words to fill in the content of your private label, thus a new article. However I will not go this way because the filling names are usually not different. One way is to write your own articles. What will I write and ask. When you sell wedding dresses your students will want to know about weddings, choosing dresses and maybe even advice about an important day. When you sell travel packages your audience will want to know about the best places to see. If you are a farmer and someone wants to buy a puppy, you may want to write an article on how to choose one. If you are a guitar player your readers may want to know which is the best. The world is ready for diversity and knowledge so here is your chance. How does the article help my site and what does it do? Most sites that accept post articles allow you to write the author’s history at the bottom of your article. This is where you will provide a brief description of yourself and links to two or three sites that you may be promoting. Over time you will create thousands of backlinks on your site that will send google to tizzy. Backlinks are the way google determines which websites are good enough for their robots to navigate through. Navigating your site is what you want. I can’t write anything you say. I feel sorry for you but don’t give up, you can hire a ghost writer. Give the writer your ideas, pay money and let them write a pen on a piece of paper. These days to be politically correct would be a fingerprint on the keyboard. Unfortunately be careful who you have who writes essays. There are some scammers out there who will buy these software themselves and try to sell you the same articles I just told you to stay away from. Too bad you will sometimes run across one that has plagiarized someone else’s work and copied it right from the website next door. Are the wheels turning yet? Now you ask where do I find these wonderful writers. If you will take time to type in your google search type in freelance writer or other keywords, you will find plenty of people looking for work. The cost doesn’t have to be real high either. I know you have one final question and that is where the rubber meets the road. What is the cost? You can hire a ghostwriter for pennies per word or sometimes you can pay per article. Some freelance writers charge ten dollars or more per article depending on the experience of the writer. This wasn’t your last question? Ok I have time for one more. What if I can’’t afford to pay for these articles. Well you still can write them yourself. There are plenty of free online courses that will teach you what you need to know. There is another benefit of the back links you create by writing articles. Once you get a few hundred articles out there relating to your service or product you become the source of information. You become a well recognized expert person in your field. Folks begin to see your name in your author’s bio and say hey I’ve heard about this guy before. He must know something. Folks turn to you at the source and expert in your industry. This is the time right now to jump on the article bandwagon. I read somewhere that only fifty percent of Americans are internet connected. This leaves the field for playing wide open. This statistic does not even include foreign lands. Yes you can even market to them as they read and buy too. So only one decision needs to be made and I ask are you going to hire a ghostwriter or do it yourself? Either way is good if you are careful with the articles you buy and making sure if what you have is unique. Are you going to give your customers what they want? If you don’t someone else will. Potential customers want information and remember if you write it, they will read.

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