Canva Pro Free: How to Get Canva Pro Free?

If you are wondering, Is it a Strategy to get Google Traffic OR Is it a real Post with a method of getting Canva Pro Free? Then First I will tell you that Don’t worry, This is not a clickbait post, I am gonna share a real method of getting Canva Pro Free in this Post.

Hi Guys I am Hunza Abbas from Hunzii Tech YT Channel on Few days back I was using Canva Pro by Buying Paid Membership. Then I saw my friend post on Facebook that he needs Canva Pro for Free. And someone in the Comment Section told him a method to get Canva Pro for Free for Lifetime. I also read that Comment and tried it and it works.

Then Obviously If you get something for free, Then who will pay for it. So Now I am using Canva Pro for free without paying even a Penny to the Canva Team. Then I thought Why not tell you about that method, So that you can use Canva Pro also and use Pro Features, Images and Videos etc.

Because I Personally many small youtubers or Peoples , Who Can’t afford to buy premium Membership. So Don’t Worry, Hunza Abbas is here to tell you about How you can get Canva Pro for Free.

What are the Benefits of Canva Pro?

Main Benefit of Canva Pro is that you will get Many Premium Designs of Ready Made logos, Videos, Banners And many other Premium Images that you can’t get in Free Version.

Also with it You will get Access to Many Premium Features with Premium Fonts as Well.

Some of the best benefits of a Canva Pro account:

  • Brand Kit management
  • Magic Resize
  • Design and Photo folders
  • Download designs with transparent backgrounds
  • Canva Animator
  • Remove backgrounds from images
  • And a massive library of images and videos that are included in the Canva Pro plan!

How to get Canva Pro for Free?

Getting Canva Pro for Free is not hard work. You just have to follow my Steps and you will get Canva Pro for Free to use.

First Create an Account on Canva free.

Then You Have to go to a website by clicking on the link below.

After that Scroll Down to the bottom of the Post (I Linked to) and You will have to wait 60 Seconds.

After Timer Ends Click on the Button Shown to you after Timer, And you will be redirected to the Canva website.

You will see a Pop-up In Front of you like This

Canva Pro Free: How to Get Canva Pro Free?
Canva Pro Free: How to Get Canva Pro Free?

Click Got It. And you will be Joined in a Canva Pro Team. 

Now You can use all the PRO Features for Free without paying even a single Penny.

If you Enjoyed the Post and got the Canva pro Free then Please Don’t forget to Share our Post with your Friends. Also Give us a Positive Feedback in Comment Section.

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