SEO Tools Website: Create Seo Tools Website Free 2021

SEO Tools Website: Create Seo Tools Website Free 2021
SEO Tools Website: Create Seo Tools Website Free 2021

Hi Guys, I am Malik Hunza and I am right here to teach you How You Can Create Your Own SEO Tools Website Free

What Is SEO?

Seo Full Form is Search Engine Optimization. Seo is the main factor to Rank a website on the First Page of Google and Get Organic Traffic instead of the Paid Traffic. i.e, you write an article on “Google Webmaster Tools”. You will not get any organic Traffic until you do the SEO of this Article. 

Basically we can Say that SEO is the main factor Through which Google Will Show your website on Google Search Results and you will get Organic Traffic.

How To Create an SEO Tools Website?

So First of all to create an SEO Tools Website You need to buy 2 things:-

  • Domain
  • Hosting

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After Buying the Both Things the Next main thing is you Need a Script. On which you will create and Manage your Website. As Always I am also providing You the script Free at this time also. Download the Script of Last 3 Versions in Free Now By Clicking Download Button Given Below.

After Downloading the Script Make sure to Fulfill These Requirements:-

  • PHP 5.4.0 or above
  • PDO and MySQLI extension
  • GD extension
  • Multibyte String support (mbstring)
  • URL Rewrite Module
  • “allow_url_fopen” must be allowed.
  • SMTP Mail Server (optional)
  • WHOIS Port – TCP 43 must be enabled

After Completing All the Requirements given up there. Do Following Steps:-

  1. Upload & Extract the script to the Website Directory
  2. Create a Database
  3. Go to the Website and Refresh the Website. ( It will be Redirect you to the Installation Page )
  4. Make Sure The All Things Given there Should be Labeled as Available.
  5. After that Click Continue
  6. Now Put Your Database Host, Name, User, Password
  7. Then Enter the Purchase Code (If usings Unlicensed then Put this:- Aleem-Rocked-Script-Shocked)
  8. After Putting all the Required Details Click Continue.
  9. Now Put Your Admin Name, Email, and Password. (Note:- These Details will be required from You to enter Admin Panel)
  10. Now Click Next

Congratulations! Your Site is Now Created And Live.

If You have any Questions Remaining Comment We are Ready to Help You.


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