Earn $500/Month: Create Write and Get Paid Website

Earn $500/Month: Create Write and Get Paid Website
Earn $500/Month: Create Write and Get Paid Website

Create Write and Get Paid Website

Hello guys I am Malik Hunza from maliksacademy.com. In this article I am going to tell you How you can create a website, through which you can earn upto $1000 per month without doing any work. At the beginning after creating a website, you have to do some little work. But after that you have to do no work and you will earn a handsome amount of money through Google. So the website which we are talking about is Write And Get Paid Website.

You may have seen many websites on the internet just like Articles Insider , Paid for Articles and many more. On which you can earn a handsome amount of money by writing articles for them and they are also earning some amount of money from it because they have Google AdSense approval. Also they are getting a huge traffic on their website. If they pay you $10 it means they are earning $100 from you.

You can also earn some amount of money by creating a website just like that. So to create a website just follow these steps:-

  • First of all go and buy Domain and Hosting. If you want me to recommend you a hosting in cheap price then I will recommend you this hosting:-
  • After buying Domain and Hosting you need a website script that works the same as Write And Get Paid Websites. So to buy that script go to this Link:-

Or If you want to check How it works before buying it you can download the script for free from here:-

After buying the Domain and Hosting and getting the script. Now you have to install that script on your website. So to do that, First of all you have to meet the Script System Requirements to make this script working on your website. Please first of all make sure that you are meeting these requirements before going forward:-

Required Extensions

  • PHP 7.1.3 or higher
  • pdo_mysql extension
  • curl extension
  • intl extension
  • gd extension
  • json extension
  • openssl extension
  • mbstring extension
  • tokenizer extension
  • ctype extension
  • xml extension
  • fileinfo extension
  • bcmath extension
  • mod_rewrite Apache module enabled
  • MySQL or MariaDB

Required​ Functions

  • putenv
  • getenv             
  1. After meeting all the Script System Requirements, You can now proceed further by uploading the Script on your Domain Through your Hosting Cpanel. 
  2. After uploading the script to your domain directory, Extract it. 
  3. Now you will see a Zip File named with Pressfly.zip within the extracted Files.
  4. Extract that Zip File also and then move all the files to the main of your domain directory.
  5. After doing this go back to your website URL you will get an interface with the heading as Installation. Click Next on it.
  6. Now enter your Database Details in the next step. After putting details click Next.
  7. Now you will see a page with the Heading and a Button named Build Database. Click on that Button.
  8. Now you will see a page with the heading Create Admin User. Put your Admin Login details there along with Email & Username. And click Submit.
  9. Congratulations now your script has been successfully installed. You can access your dashboard By Going to the login page and putting your admin login Details there.

To Watch all these steps live in a video, Don’t forget to watch this video:-

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