How To Create A Professional Mining Website 2021

How to Create a Professional Mining Website in 2021
How to Create a Professional Mining Website in 2021

Hey Guys If you are struggling to find out how to create a mining website by yourself in 2021. So you are in the right place. Here you will find out how you can create your own mining website in 2021. 

How to create a mining website?

So to create a mining website you must have these 3 things:-

  1. Domain 
  2. Hosting 
  3. Mining Website Script


In short domain is the URL of your website or address of your website. It can also be the name of your website.  For Example, My website has domain so when people enter this domain on chrome they will see my website. And also my website name is Maliks Academy same as my Domain Name.

So you need a domain name first. After that you can start creating your website.


In short Hosting is the thing that gives place to your website on the internet. Here you will upload and create your website and also all the data of your site will be stored here. For Example, My site is hosted on Namecheap. And I also recommend you to use the Namecheap if you are at the Startup of your site.

So in 2nd number you Need Hosting for the website Creation. You can Buy Both Hosting and Domain From One Place:-


Every website on the internet has some type of script on which the website is created and managed by its owner. So for a Mining website you also need a Script to create it and also to manage it easily from the Admin Panel.

Script also makes it easy for the admin of the site to manage its site from the admin panel instead of editing it through Coding. You can Buy the Script From Here at Cheap Price:-

Process Of Creating Mining Site:-

Follow these steps to create a mining website after getting all the things stated up.

  1. Upload the Script in the File Manager of Cpanel.
  2. Extract the File.
  3. Go to your website and type /install in the front of your website URL.
  4. Now click Continue
  5. Check if all the Extensions are available. If yes then Click Continue again.
  6. Now check again the requirements and Click Yes.
  7. Now Input your website Database Details and Click Continue.
  8. Input your website Details in this step Carefully.
  9. Enter the website Name and other things.
  10. Do Email Settings.
  11. Enter Coinpayments Details Carefully and Click Continue. (Note:- You can’t change it from the Admin Panel).
  12. Enter Website Admin Panel Login Details and Click Continue.
  13. Congratulations Your Mining Website Is Created Successfully.

Live Tutorial:-

Watch all the Proses mentioned up there In the video Live:-

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