How to Create Faucet Website For Free in 2022

How to Create Faucet Website For Free in 2022
How to Create Faucet Website For Free in 2022

If you are willing to find the way through which you can make your own faucet website. And Give some amount To the users and also you will earn a handsome amount through the advertisement placed on the website. So you are in the right place. Today, In this article I am going to tell you that How you can Create Your own faucet website for free

Create Faucet Website

As usual to create a website, first of all you need a domain and hosting. You can buy the domain and hosting both from 1 website at a cheap price. I am also using that hosting on my website through which you can Understand that how much I recommend this hosting to you for the startup of your website.

After buying the domain & hosting you need a script. As usual I am going to provide you with this script for free. You can download the script for free by Clicking on this button:-

  1. After downloading the script login to your cPanel. Then go to your file manager and upload your script in the public_HTML folder. 
  2. After uploading the script, Extract it and you will see another zip file. 
  3. Extract that zip file in the same directory then after that you will see a folder with the same name as the zip file you extracted. 
  4. Open that folder and move all the files outside the folder. 
  5. After that go back to the main directory and then edit the config.php file available there. 
  6. Then create a database for your website and put the details in the config.php file.
  7. Now go back to your website and you will get a password for the admin panel login. Save that Password otherwise you will not be able to login to your website admin panel.

Your website is now fully ready but it will not be accessible for the users. You have to do the main settings Before making it accessible for your users. I explained all the settings in detail and also did it live in the video. So watch our video, here is the link of that video:- 

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