Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps In Pakistan

Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps In Pakistan
Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps In Pakistan

Nowadays who doesn’t want to earn money online from home. After this pandemic many people lost their jobs. Now they have to suffer much to find new jobs. But why are you finding jobs Instead of you can earn money online just right from home by doing simple works. I am going to tell you about the Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps.


Likework is a new online earning website or app. The interesting thing is you will get $2 Just after signup. And You can earn easily by completing simple tasks. But first How You can sign up on that website and app. First Go to the website by clicking on the button below.

You will see a web page. By scrolling down a little bit Down you will see a Button with the text CLAIM 2 USDT. Click on that button and then you will be redirected to the signup page. Enter the Details that are asked from you and signup. After signup you get the 2 USDT Instantly. Which you can withdraw. On the MINE section of Likework ( after signup ) you can see your balance there. 

After signup you can earn free money by just completing simple tasks on the task section. The tasks will be like to Like a facebook post or page or like a tik tok video Or something Just like that. Which is not so difficult and a child can also do. 

To earn more you can upgrade your Account. Upgrading starts from the $20 upto $5000 by giving you the daily profit from $1.1 upto $278.6 . To upgrade your account you have to send the desired choosed plan minimum amount to the USDT Address that they will give you.

The Daily Income Chart is As Follows:-

So this is the 1st from the Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps In Pakistan.


You may have heard about the Clips Claps earning app. It’s not new but an old trusted app to start work and Earn Money Online. This app is just like earning money online by Getting Entertained. It is as simple as using Facebook Or Youtube.

To Join The App:- 

From this app you can turn your Joy into money By watching Entertaining videos online. It has the only feature to upload videos like youtube and the feature to like,comment and share videos like facebook without opening the video fully. If we say it’s a mixture of the Both Facebook and Youtube. Then It will not be wrong according to me. 

You can earn money by playing games through this app also. Which is not difficult and a child can do it easily also. The content creators can also upload their content to CLIP CLAPS and get rewarded. Which is a good thing for content creators to earn more money.

This is the 2nd Best App From the list of Top 2 Best Online Earning Apps in Pakistan.

How to Withdraw Money From These Applications?

You may be wondering If we earn then how to withdraw them. So I am here to tell you.

Like Work Withdrawal:-

After having the amount which meets the requirement of the minimum withdrawal amount of Likework, Then you can withdraw it through USDT.  You Can Create a USDT wallet by creating a Binance Account easily. After Creating Binance Account Go to the wallet section And click on Deposit. After that select USDT and scroll left and then click on TRON (TRC20). Copy that Address. That will be your USDT TRC20 Address To receive Payments.

CLIP CLAPS Withdrawal:-

After Meeting the minimum amount requirements for the withdrawal. You can withdraw Your Earnings From 4 Payment Methods:-

  1. Easypaisa
  2. Jazzcash
  3. Paypal
  4. Bank Transfer

For Pakistani users They have the ease to make withdrawals through Easypaisa and Jazzcash or they can also Use Bank Transfer For their Withdrawals. As paypal is not accepted in Pakistan so Pakistani users can’t use it.

For international Users they can use the most Popular International payment account PAYPAL Or Bank transfer as well. 


I told you about the TOP 2 BEST ONLINE EARNING APPS. And also provide you all the details about them. Now it’s your choice whether to work on them or not. According to Me, Start Working on them and Make Free Money Online From Home.

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