URL Shortener : Create Your Own URL Shortener Website

URL Shortener : Create Your Own URL Shortener Website
URL Shortener : Create Your Own URL Shortener Website

Hi friends! How are you? What is URL shortening and how does it help in marketing and in online business? This is what we are going to see in this article.

What is URL Shortening?

Okay friends so what is URL shortening? I think you know what is shortening URLs simply when you have a long messy URL or link and you want to make it small and clear you use a URL shortening service. The shortened URL will also redirect to the main url on which you want people to visit. It will make the URL look Cool and make the next user to think What’s in this URL? And Due to this you have Higher Chances that the user will click on it.

Benefits Of Short Links:-

It Decreases the long awkward looking URL Length into a short cute looking URL. i.e:-


This Long URL can be Shortened https://bit.ly/3CyiTAP to this. 

For More Info In November 2019 the Url Shortening Service Provider Bit.ly was accessed 2.1 Billion Times.

  1. The first benefit of shortening a URL is because everyone in this world loves small and clear things. So creating a small clear link is better than sharing this big URL. 
  2. The second benefit is that URL shortening services allow you to track your links and you can know how many people clicked on your links. You can know where your links clicks are coming from. From which devices, From which countries, From which referrals and so on.It’s really awesome this will help you understand your audience and know how to target your business. 
  3. The third benefit is when you post on social media like on Facebook. Let’s say I you want to create a post on facebook and have this big link (https://maliksacademy.com/best-motorcycle-accident-lawyers-in-pakistan/)  You can see that it will take a lot of space inside your post. While If you post your Short Link here, It will take less space and it will be very nice inside your paragraph. 
  4. It can reduce your SMS costs. If you are using SMS marketing you will know some companies may charge on the SMS size. So when you shorten the URL this will maybe reduce the cost of your SMS campaign.
  5. Centralized Management:- You Can now manage all your links from one place. You can monitor everything, create all your links from one dashboard. So you can see all your links, you can monitor them, you can edit them, you can do whatever you want from only one place and this is really very important.

So these are the 5 benefits that URL shortening can provide you when you work in marketing and online business. 

Create Your Own URL Shortener Website:-

Now If you want to create your Own URL Shortener Website First Follow These 3 Steps:-

  • Register A Domain Name
  • Buy an Hosting
  • Upload The Script

Download The Script By Clicking On the Button Below:-

 And then Watch This Video:-

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