WoWonder:- Create Your Own Website Like Facebook

WoWonder:- Create Your Own Website Like Facebook
WoWonder:- Create Your Own Website Like Facebook

Hi guys, What if I say that you can create your own website just like Facebook. Where people can post, like, share and upload their daily life stuff. Just like they do on Facebook and also send requests to the people that they don’t know or maybe know.

I know now you are wondering that

How can we create a website like Facebook?

How to get the traffic on that website while having a big competitor like Facebook? 

So don’t worry, I am here to tell you all that . So let’s begin. 


First of all to create a Facebook type website, you need a script. So for that purpose to create a website just like Facebook we are using a script named WoWonder. You can officially buy it on CodeCanyon here is the link:-

After buying the script just follow these steps:-

  1. As usual, first of all we need domain and hosting to create a website. So to buy domain and hosting I will recommend you a website where you can buy both things at a cheap price. I am also using that website for my domain and hosting purpose and it is the best of them all. You can also use any other provider of your own choice.
  1. So after buying Domain & Hosting login to your cPanel and then go to file manager and upload your Script Zip file (That you got from CodeCanyon after buying the script) in the public_HTML folder. 
  2. Then extract all the files available in the script folder to the main public_HTML folder.
  3. Now you can begin installing the script. But before installing the script you must have to fulfill the requirements of the script. Which are as Followings:-


  • PHP 5.5 +
  • MySQLi Extension
  • GD Library
  • Mbstring
  • cURL
  • ZIP
  • allow_url_fopen
  • You can check if the requirements are installed from the next step in the installation wizard: 
  1. Now go to your website URL that enter /install in the front of your main website URL like
  2. Then agree with the TOS of the script and click next.
  3. Then check if all the requirements are fulfilled or not. If anything is missing then please fulfill that requirement and then click next.
  4. Now fulfill your Database and Website details in the next step along with the purchase code of the script for verification purposes. 
  5. Once you have put all the details correctly, click the Install button and wait for a few minutes. Your script will be successfully installed (The Installation process can take up to 5 minutes).
  6. After the script gets installed you will see a page with a congratulations message. So Congratulations, your website has been successfully created. If you followed all these steps. 
  7. Now go back to your file manager and delete the folder named Install for the security purposes.

So this is all the way in which you can create your own website just like Facebook. And now it’s time to tell you How you can get traffic on your website while having a huge Competitor like Facebook?

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Get Traffic On Your Website:-

So by using this script you can give users a way of earning, meaning a payment to users for doing posts, comments, likes and by sharing stuff on your website. In simple terms you will give users a payment for the work they do on Facebook but not on Facebook but by doing that on your website. So in this way you will get huge traffic and you can easily earn a handsome amount of money by placing ads on your website and by giving some percent to your users.

I hope you like everything I told you and guide you on how you can create your own facebook type website and how you can get traffic on your website. So if you like this article please give positive feedback to the comment section. It will motivate me to keep posting this type of Educational stuff.

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